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Figure. From: Membrane-based amplification in hearing.

Membrane organization of the outer hair cell stereocilia bundle and lateral wall. Both the apical pole and the lateral wall are composed of three layers. The plasma membrane is the outermost layer in both locations. The innermost layer is composed of a membrane bound organelle called the canalicular reticulum in the apex and the subsurface cisterna in the lateral wall. In between outer and inner membrane layers is a cytoskeletal structure called the cuticular plate at the apex and the cortical lattice in the lateral wall. Insert on the right portrays a high power rendering of the outer hair cell lateral wall. Insert at upper right is a view of the apical end showing the plane at which the outer hair cell has been opened. Adapted from Figure 1 in Brownell 2002(Brownell, 2002).

William E. Brownell. Hear Res. :10.1016/j.heares.2009.09.016.

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