Figure 1

Figure 1. From: The Limits of Two-Year Bioassay Exposure Regimens for Identifying Chemical Carcinogens.

Cumulative prevalence of total malignant tumors in females and males histopathologically observed, by age at death, among Sprague-Dawley rats treated with 500 mg/kg body weight/day of toluene for 104 weeks and then kept under control conditions until death or 130 weeks (experiment BT 903). Dashed lines indicate 112 weeks, the typical termination of NTP studies. Arrows indicate beginning of exposure. Reproduced from Soffritti et al. (2004) with permission from the European Ramazzini Foundation.

James Huff, et al. Environ Health Perspect. 2008 November;116(11):1439-1442.

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