Figure 1

Figure 1. From: Familial Aggregation of Common Sequence Variants on 15q24-25.1 in Lung Cancer.

Association between chromosome 15q24-25.1 and lung cancer. Associations are expressed as –log(P); P values were from Fisher exact tests. All statistical tests were two-sided. A) Association analysis of 194 familial case patients and 219 control subjects in chromosome 15. B) Enhanced view of association analysis in the 75- to 79-Mb region of chromosome 15. Several common variants, including rs8034191 and rs1051730, cluster on 15q24-25.1 and show strong associations with familial lung cancer. C) Physical map and haplotype blocks (ie, regions with no evidence of historical recombination). Pairwise linkage disequilibrium, measured as D′ (a measurement of the nonrandom association of alleles at two loci), was calculated with HapMap data from Utah residents with ancestry from northern and western Europe by the methods of Gabriel () as implemented with Haploview software (). Shading represents the magnitude and statistical significance of the pairwise linkage disequilibrium, with a white-to-red gradient reflecting lower to higher linkage disequilibrium values. The single-nucleotide polymorphisms rs8034191 and rs1051730 were contained in the 84-kb block 4.

Pengyuan Liu, et al. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2008 September 17;100(18):1326-1330.

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