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Figure 1

Figure 1. From: Low Prefrontal Perfusion Linked to Depression Symptoms in Methadone-Maintained Opiate-Dependent Patients.

Regions showing a significant negative correlation between baseline VLPFC rCBF and BDI scores with age, sex, handedness and smoking status as nuisance covariates (cluster corrected whole brain analysis). (A) Right VLPFC (MNI: 12, 52, −12; z = −3.90); (B) Scatter plot of the resting perfusion in the right VLPFC as a function of BDI scores (r= −0.7898; p=0.0001) with regression line; (C) Left VLPFC (MNI: −16, 48, −6; z = −3.30); (D) Scatter plot of the resting perfusion in the left VLPFC as a function of BDI scores (r= −0.7104; p=0.0003) with regression line. Images are displayed at Puncorrected =< 0.005; cluster size 20 or more contiguous voxels. Results are displayed on MNI single subject structural MRI template in neurological convention, with right side corresponding to right hemisphere.

Jesse J. Suh, et al. Drug Alcohol Depend. ;99(1-3):11-17.

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