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Figure 2

Figure 2. Stratified analysis of orthodontic treatment. From: Orthodontic Treatment, Genetic Factors and Risk of Temporomandibular Disorder.

Data are from n=174 subjects genotyped for catechol-O-methyl-transferase (COMT) who completed at least one follow-up assessment in the three year cohort study and whose history of orthodontic treatment was known. The PSH (pain sensitive haplotypes) group consists of individuals carrying haplotypes ACCG or ATCA for the sequence of SNPs rs6269, rs4633, rs4818, and val158met. The PRH (pain resistant haplotype) group consists of individuals with other haplotype combinations. Vertical bars represent cumulative incidence, calculated as the proportion of people in each subgroup who were diagnosed with temporomandibular disorder (TMD) during follow-up. P-values are from Fisher’s exact test comparing incidence between people who a reported history of orthodontic treatment with people who reported no history of orthodontic treatment.

Gary D. Slade, et al. Semin Orthod. ;14(2):146-156.

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