Figure 1

Figure 1. IHC of OSCC TMA sections. From: Examination of Oral Cancer Biomarkers by Tissue Microarray Analysis.

Representative tissue cores are shown. (A) SPARC IHC of normal mucosa – Occasional faint staining of vessels and fibroblasts was identified. Virtually no epithelial staining was seen. (B) SPARC IHC of a T4N2bM0 primary OSCC – Increased staining was observed, mostly within vessels and fibroblasts of the stroma, but also within some carcinoma cells. (C) Periostin IHC of normal mucosa – Focal faint-to-moderate vascular staining and very focal faint subepithelial stromal staining was identified. (D) Periostin IHC of T4N2bM0 primary OSCC – Strong staining localized primarily within the ECM and stromal fibroblasts. Many late stage tumors also exhibited modest staining within cancer epithelium, as in this case. (E) Tenascin-C IHC of normal mucosa – A narrow zone of faint-to-moderate stromal staining was identified beneath the basal layer of normal epithelium. (F) Tenascin-C IHC of T4N2bM0 primary OSCC – Strong staining was observed mostly within the carcinoma-associated stroma. (G) Transglutaminase-3 IHC of normal mucosa – Moderate-to-strong staining was seen in suprabasal epithelium of all normal mucosa. (H) Transglutaminase-3 IHC of T4N2bM0 primary OSCC – Although some OSCC tumors exhibited faint epithelial staining, primarily in more differentiated and keratinized regions, many tumors did not stain at all, as in this case.

Peter Choi, et al. Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. ;134(5):539-546.

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