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Figure 1

Figure 1. NFATc1 Signaling at the Nexus of Stem Cell Quiescence. From: A New Role for an Old Friend: NFAT and Stem Cell Quiescence.

NFATc1 RNA accumulates in response to BMP signaling, whereas NFATc1 localization and activity are controlled by intracellular calcium levels regulating the serine phosphatase calcineurin. NFATc1 maintains hair follicle stem cells in a quiescent state in part by repressing the cell-cycle regulator CDK4. Although overexpressions of Wnt and Shh are known to induce follicle cycling, they do so without altering the localization of NFATc1, suggesting an alternative mechanism.

Anthony E. Oro. Cell Stem Cell. ;2(2):10.1016/j.stem.2008.01.008.

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