Fig. 1.

Fig. 1. From: Phosphodiesterase genes are associated with susceptibility to major depression and antidepressant treatment response.

LD pattern in gene PDE11A in the depressed group. Standard color scheme: white, D′ <1 and logarithm of odds (lod) <2; blue, D′ = 1 and lod <2; shades of pink/red, D′<1 and lod ≥2; bright red, D′ = 1 and lod ≥2. D′ values represent percentages and appeared inside each diamond; values of 100% are not labeled. At the top, the PDE11A gene structure is illustrated schematically by a long horizontal white rectangle. Short vertical lines indicate genotyped SNPs, which correspond to numbers 1–13 above the triangular image. Upward long vertical lines indicate exons (20 total some hidden because of scale). Three haplotype blocks were defined in our analyses: block 1 (38 kb, SNPs 3–7), block 2 (32 kb, SNPs 9–10), and block 3 (63 kb, SNPs 12–13). htSNPs are shown in bold. (Inset) Haplotypes are shown in blocks with frequency and connections from one block to the next; only htSNPs are displayed. Blocks are connected with thin lines if frequency is >5% and thick lines if >10%. Between the blocks, a value of multiallelic D′ is shown. D′ is a measure of the recombination between the two blocks. ∗ in haplotype GAACC denotes significant association to a diagnosis of major depression (P < 0.0001).

Ma-Li Wong, et al. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006 October 10;103(41):15124-15129.

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