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Fig. 2

Fig. 2. From: The effect of genome length on ejection forces in bacteriophage lambda.

UV absorbance of the supernatant containing fragments of the DNA ejected from λb221 (data set “λb221 set 1”, left) and λcI60 (data set “λcI60 set 1”, right), aligned at 300 nm. Absorbance curves are shown for various concentrations of PEG, corresponding to different osmotic pressures, and for tests done in the absence of LamB. A second data set taken for each phage is not shown.

Paul Grayson, et al. Virology. ;348(2):430-436.
Fig. 1

Fig. 1. From: The effect of genome length on ejection forces in bacteriophage lambda.

Measured DNA ejection from λcI60 and λb221 at various external PEG concentrations (points), compared to theoretical predictions for 37.7 kbp and 48.5 kbp genomes (curves). Also plotted: data reported earlier on EMBL3 (), with corrections for the density of PEG made to the earlier analysis, and the corresponding 41.5 kbp theory. The datasets consistently show a dip between 1.5 and 3.5 atm, whose reason is unknown. Otherwise, the precise trends predicted by theory are seen in the data. Panel A shows the percentage of total DNA ejected. At all pressures below 20 atm, λcI60 ejects more DNA than λb221. There is a larger scattering error in the EMBL3 data than in the λcI60 and λb221 data; taking this into consideration, the data sets for all three phages are completely consistent with the expectation that phages with longer genomes eject more DNA at all pressures. Panel B shows an alternative view: the inferred amount of DNA remaining in the capsid after ejection, calculated as N · (1–p), where N is the number of base pairs in the genome and p is the ejected fraction plotted in Panel A. As expected, the data points fall on a single curve below 10 atm, then diverge as the maximum pressure is reached for each phage, stopping on the horizontal lines that correspond to the full phage genomes.

Paul Grayson, et al. Virology. ;348(2):430-436.

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