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Figure 1

Figure 1. From: Effect of Multicomponent Interventions on Caregiver Burden and Depression: The REACH Multisite Initiative at 6-Month Follow-Up.

Meta-analysis comparing active to control groups on 6-month Revised Memory and Behavior Problems Checklist (RMBPC) Burden and Center for Epidemiologic Studies—Depression (CES–D) scores. A: Meta-analysis for RMBPC Burden scores (n = 909; excludes 2 caregivers due to missing baseline data and 1 caregiver due to missing data on race in Memphis). B: Meta-analysis for CES–D scores (n = 1,086; excludes 1 caregiver due to missing data on race in Memphis). Behavior = behavior care; Enhanced = enhanced care in Memphis and enhanced support group in Palo Alto; FSMII = family-based structural multisystem in-home intervention; CTIS = computer telephone integration system; Coping = coping with caregiving class.

Laura N. Gitlin, et al. Psychol Aging. ;18(3):361-374.

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