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Venus Factor


[Other]. John Barban2015. Great job to all of us who are in our Venus diet and congratulations to everyone who are ladies and staying in maintenance. Thank you for your direct and indirect support. The pod cast of previous winners were so inspiring. This story starts with an extremely frustrated woman who grew too large to fit into her scrubs and had to buy 3 bottoms just to get her through the first week of her new job. For those who've never worn scrubs they're like the sweat pants of the medical community; entirely too roomy even without the stretchiness of sweats. Imagine my horror when I tried on my old scrubs from 4 years ago and could barely pull the largest pair over my bottom. Like many of us here, I received and email about the diet program, followed the link and was blown away by the testimonials and photos. We all have those days when all we want to do is eat, or when leptin rears its ugly head. But you know what to do. .

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