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Wolffian Ducts

A pair of excretory ducts of the middle kidneys (MESONEPHROI) of an embryo, also called mesonephric ducts. In higher vertebrates, Wolffian ducts persist in the male forming VAS DEFERENS, but atrophy into vestigial structures in the female.

Year introduced: 2008 (1963)

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Tree Number(s): A16.935

MeSH Unique ID: D014928

Entry Terms:

  • Ducts, Wolffian
  • Mesonephric Ducts
  • Duct, Mesonephric
  • Ducts, Mesonephric
  • Mesonephric Duct
  • Wolffian Duct
  • Duct, Wolffian
  • Gartner Ducts
  • Ducts, Gartner
  • Gartner's Ducts
  • Ducts, Gartner's
  • Gartners Ducts

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