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I cell disease

Mucolipidosis II (ML II, I-cell disease) is a slowly progressive inborn error of metabolism with clinical onset at birth and fatal outcome most often in early childhood. Postnatal growth is limited and often ceases in the second year of life; contractures develop in all large joints. The skin is thickened, facial features are coarse, and gingiva are hypertrophic. Orthopedic abnormalities present at birth may include thoracic deformity, kyphosis, clubfeet, deformed long bones, and/or dislocation of the hip(s). Already in infancy skeletal radiographs reveal dysostosis multiplex. All children appear to have cardiac involvement, most commonly thickening and insufficiency of the mitral valve and, less frequently, the aortic valve. Progressive mucosal thickening narrows the airways and gradual stiffening of the thoracic cage contributes to respiratory insufficiency, the most common cause of death. [from GeneReviews]

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Mucolipidosis II

An inherited lysosomal storage disease characterized by the presence of dense intracytoplasmic inclusions in mesenchymal cells, especially fibroblasts. Signs and symptoms include developmental delay, psychomotor deterioration, and growth failure. [from NCI]

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