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Abnormal outpouching or sac-like dilatation in the wall of an atery, vein or the heart. [from HPO]

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Fleck corneal dystrophy

Fleck corneal dystrophy (CFD) is a rare autosomal dominant disease characterized by numerous tiny, dot-like white flecks scattered in all layers of the corneal stroma. Typically, the stroma located in between the flecks is clear, and the endothelium, the epithelium, Bowman layer, and Descemet membrane are normal. Patients are usually asymptomatic with normal vision, yet a small number of patients report the sensation of a minor photophobia. The flecks in CFD can appear as early as 2 years of age, or sometimes even at birth, and appear not to progress significantly throughout life. Histologically, the corneal flecks appear to correspond to abnormal keratocytes swollen with membrane-limited intracytoplasmic vesicles containing complex lipids and glycosaminoglycans (summary by Kawasaki et al., 2012). [from OMIM]

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Disease or Syndrome

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