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Oxyphilic adenoma

Oncocytomas are usually benign tumors that occur in various organs but particularly in the kidneys. Histologic evaluation of renal oncocytomas shows that they are composed entirely of peculiar epithelial cells with granular eosinophilic cytoplasm. Ultrastructural characterization exhibits densely packed cells with mitochondria, which show morphologic differences from those in normal cells. On the average they are larger than those in renal carcinoma cells and their shape is abnormal (summary by Welter et al., 1989). [from OMIM]

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Neoplastic Process

Mitochondrial complex III deficiency

Autosomal recessive mitochondrial complex III deficiency is a severe multisystem disorder with onset at birth of lactic acidosis, hypotonia, hypoglycemia, failure to thrive, encephalopathy, and delayed psychomotor development. Visceral involvement, including hepatopathy and renal tubulopathy, may also occur. Many patients die in early childhood, but some may show longer survival (de Lonlay et al., 2001; De Meirleir et al., 2003). Genetic Heterogeneity of Mitochondrial Complex III Deficiency Mitochondrial complex III deficiency can be caused by mutation in several different nuclear-encoded genes. See MC3DN2 (615157), caused by mutation in the TTC19 gene (613814) on chromosome 17p12; MC3DN3 (615158), caused by mutation in the UQCRB gene (191330) on chromosome 8q; MC3DN4 (615159), caused by mutation in the UQCRQ gene (612080) on chromosome 5q31; MC3DN5 (615160), caused by mutation in the UQCRC2 gene (191329) on chromosome 16p12; MC3DN6 (615453), caused by mutation in the CYC1 gene (123980) on chromosome 8q24; MC3DN7 (615824), caused by mutation in the UQCC2 gene (614461) on chromosome 6p21; MC3DN8 (615838), caused by mutation in the LYRM7 gene (615831) on chromosome 5q23; and MC3DN9 (616111), caused by mutation in the UQCC3 gene (616097) on chromosome 11q12. See also MTYCB (516020) for a discussion of a milder phenotype associated with isolated mitochondrial complex III deficiency and mutations in a mitochondrial-encoded gene. [from OMIM]

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