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[Study of the antimicrobial action of various essential oils extracted from Malagasy plants. II: Lauraceae].

Raharivelomanana PJ, et al. Arch Inst Pasteur Madagascar. 1989.


The microbial growth inhibitory properties of some Lauraceae essential oils, Laurus nobilis, Cinnamomum zeylanicum (cinnamon) and Ravensara anisata were studied by the determination of their respective M.I.C. (Minimal Inhibitory Concentration). Five bacterial strains, one fungi and two yeasts were used to evaluate the essential oils inhibitory capacities. These vegetable extracts, with decrease activity, were range also: C. zeylanicum--bark greater than R. anisata--bark greater than C. zeylanicum--leaves greater than L. nobilis greater than R. anisata--leaves. The essential oils extracted from cinnamon and R. anisata--bark were very interesting by their antifungic activities.


2633710 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
Article in French.
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