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Getting it right from the start: evaluation of a DVD and booklet for new parents.


Lee P1, Foley S2, Mee C3.
Author information
  • 1Tameside and Glossop Early Attachment Service, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust.
  • 2Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge.
  • 3Tameside and Glossop Early Attachment Service, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust.


Community Pract. 2013 Nov;86(11):32-6.



Early universal preventive interventions have the potential to improve the parent-infant relationship. Getting it Right from the Start is a DVD and booklet given free to new parents to promote sensitive and responsive early parenting and infant communication. Parents in the local area were canvassed for their views and opinions as to what their needs and feelings were about infant mental health. The resource is based on evidence from research and clinical studies in infant development and infant mental health. A matched sample design evaluation study was conducted. A 'Baby Quiz' testing parents' knowledge of different areas covered in the DVD and booklet was given to parents in receipt of the materials and also to parents not yet in receipt of the resource. Results indicated that the mean number of correct responses to the quiz items was higher in the group receiving the DVD and booklet. The percentage of poor scorers in the group who received the DVD and booklet was almost half that of the control group, showing the effectiveness of this universal intervention. Getting it Right from the Start represents a simple, low-cost method of reaching parents during the perinatal period.


24369566 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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