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Major historical dietary changes are reflected in the dental microbiome of ancient skeletons.

Sajantila A. Investig Genet. 2013.


The post-industrial lifestyle has many disadvantageous effects on our health. One of the factors is modern nutrition, which has been associated with epidemic burdens, such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases. At least two major shifts have occurred in the nutritional history of humans: the use of carbohydrate-rich diets which were adopted around 10,000 years BP due to Neolithic farming, and later the influence of industrially processed flour and white sugar after the industrial revolution in the 1850s. In a recent paper in Nature Genetics Adler et al. used a novel approach to see how these dietary changes affected the oral microbiome by analyzing the ancient microbial DNA in the calcified dental plaque from 34 early European skeletons.


23683510 [PubMed]



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