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Cancer as a carcinogenic hyper-cycle and a RNA world progress.

Malzev VN. Med Hypotheses. 2013.


Carcinogenesis is regarded as a mutagenesis, a process of continuous generation of mutations in a cancerous cell. The basis of this process contains a carcinogenic hyper-cycle as one of the forms of the RNA world progress. On the one side, this hyper-cycle ensures self-reproduction, on the other side, generation of mutations of DNA oligo-nucleotides, which, on its part, leads to its re-programming and a cancerous transformation of the cell. Carcinogenic hyper-cycle is generated at the beginning as an autonomous process of RNA replication in the cytoplasm of a cell which has stopped the cooperation with the DNA replication. Under influence of different factors, it gets the ability for concurrence with the DNA replication, becomes a new organizer of the order in the cell, and gradually supersedes and represses the latter one (DNA replication). In the article, the structure of a carcinogenic hyper-cycle is mentioned, factors which lead to its generation and development, and new possibilities of cancer treatment resulting from this.

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