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[The use of real time PCR for quantitative determination of some propionic bacteria residing on human skin].

Globa AG, et al. Biomed Khim. 2012 Sep-Oct.


A test system has been developed for determination of propionic bacterial species residing on human skin. This system developed in the real time PCR format is applicable for quantitative determination and also detection of genomes of the following Propionibacterium species: P. acnes, P. granulosum and P. avidum. This system was used for analysis of wash samples from the skin of 17 pentathlon sportsmen and 16 students. All three species of propionic bacteria were found in all skin wash samples. However, contamination with P. acnes was two times higher in control group than in the group of pentathlon sportsmen.


23289303 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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