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Affective and physiological factors predicting maternal response to infant crying.

Del Vecchio T, et al. Infant Behav Dev. 2009.


This study evaluated physiological, affective, and perceptual factors hypothesized to predict how quickly 45 primiparous mothers of 7-9-month-old infants would respond to non-distressed infant crying. Aversiveness ratings of the non-distressed cries of one's "own" infant and physiological reactivity to one's "own" infant crying accounted for a significant amount of the variance in a Cox proportional hazards regression analysis of speed of response. These findings suggest that mothers who have strong affective and physiological responses to non-distressed infant cries may be more likely to respond indiscriminately to attention-seeking infant behaviors.


19081636 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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