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Adult grandchildren and their grandparents: the enduring bond.


Hodgson LG1.
Author information
  • 1Duke University, Durham, North Carolina.


Int J Aging Hum Dev. 1992;34(3):209-25.



This article presents findings from a national survey of 208 adult grandchildren concerning relationships with their "closest" grandparent. Levels of contact and perceptions of closeness are two indices used to evaluate the strength of the bonds between the cross-generations. The evidence suggests that along these two dimensions, grandchild/grandparent relationships are significant and meaningful. Although there is diversity among the respondents, interaction levels are high for the majority of the sample. Additionally, most respondents report that their relationships with their grandparents are close and enduring. A comparison of ranked means suggests that several factors are related to the strength of the grandchild/grandparent bonds: age, lineage, geographical proximity, the child/parent relationship, and the parent/grandparent relationship. This research provides a new understanding of a significant family role, that of adult grandchild.


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