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Vasectomy: its effect upon marital stability.

Maschhoff TA, et al. J Sex Res. 1976.



50 couples were studied as to whether vasectomy had any effect on marital stability, communication, and sexual satisfaction. The procedure of the study is described and all results are tabulated. Demographic data on the couples indicate a general trend toward the mid-20s in terms of couples making the decision in favor of vasectomy. The couples seemed to have a stable marital history and to have made the decision earlier in marriage than was previously the case. The average number of children among the couples was 2. An average increase in coital frequency resulted from the vasectomy. Improved stabilization of the marriage and improved sexual satisfaction also resulted. Little change was noted in marital communication, understanding, and affection as a result of the vasectomy.


1018489 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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