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HomoloGene:1611. Gene conserved in Euteleostomi Download , Links
Genes identified as putative homologs of one another during the construction of HomoloGene.

Proteins used in sequence comparisons and their conserved domain architectures.

   HMOX2,  H.sapiens
heme oxygenase (decycling) 2
316 aa
   HMOX2,  P.troglodytes
heme oxygenase (decycling) 2
316 aa
   HMOX2,  M.mulatta
heme oxygenase (decycling) 2
316 aa
   HMOX2,  C.lupus
heme oxygenase (decycling) 2
316 aa
   HMOX2,  B.taurus
heme oxygenase (decycling) 2
334 aa
   Hmox2,  M.musculus
heme oxygenase (decycling) 2
315 aa
   Hmox2,  R.norvegicus
heme oxygenase (decycling) 2
315 aa
   HMOX2,  G.gallus
heme oxygenase (decycling) 2
339 aa
   hmox2b,  D.rerio
heme oxygenase (decycling) 2b
318 aa
   hmox2a,  D.rerio
heme oxygenase (decycling) 2a
310 aa

Protein Alignments
Protein multiple alignment, pairwise similarity scores and evolutionary distances.

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Pairwise alignments generated using BLAST
Regenerate Alignments

Articles associated with genes and sequences of this homology group.

Functioning of an arteriovenous fistula requires heme oxygenase-2.
Kang L, et al. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 305, F545-52 (2013).
[The distribution of heme oxygenase-2 in the brainstem nuclei of rats].
Kotsiuba AY & Chertok M. Morfologiia 142, 15-9 (2012).
The role of neutrophils in corneal wound healing in HO-2 null mice.
Marrazzo G, et al. PLoS One 6, e21180 (2011).
Knockdown of heme oxygenase-2 impairs corneal epithelial cell wound healing.
Halilovic A, et al. J Cell Physiol 226, 1732-40 (2011).

Conserved Domains
Conserved Domains from CDD found in protein sequences by rpsblast searching.
SsgA (pfam04686)
  Streptomyces sporulation and cell division protein, SsgA.
HemeO (cl17299)
  Heme oxygenase catalyzes the rate limiting step in the degradation of heme to bilirubin, it is essential for recycling of iron from heme. Heme is used as a substrate and cofactor for its own degradation to biliverdin, iron, and carbon monoxide. This ...

Related Homology Resources
Links to curated and computed homology information found in other databases.
Orthology group for M.musculus Hmox2 includes H.sapiens HMOX2 and R.norvegicus Hmox2.

Links to UniGene entries found by comparing the homologous proteins against the transcript database.

Mammalia - mammals (18 transcripts, 14 species)
Actinopterygii - bony fishes (11 transcripts, 8 species)
Aves - birds (2 transcripts, 2 species)
Amphibia - amphibians (2 transcripts, 2 species)

Gastropoda - gastropods (1 transcript, 1 species)

Anthozoa - anthozoans (1 transcript, 1 species)

Monosiga - choanoflagellates (1 transcript, 1 species)




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