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NCBI Announcements

  • New NCBI YouTube video: "Genome Workbench: Import BAMs and Export Alignments"

    May 29, 2015

    This video on the NCBI YouTube channel shows you how to import BAM files, create a BAM file index, and export selected alignments using NCBI's Genome Workbench.

  • June 3rd webinar: "Troubleshooting GenBank Submissions: Coding Region Annotation"

    May 28, 2015

    Next Wednesday, June 3rd, NCBI staff will show you how to troubleshoot internal stop codon errors encountered during coding region (CDS) annotation. The source of this problem can be in (1) improper frame/strand, or genetic code designation or (2) poor sequence quality. You will learn how to analyze your sequences and uncover problems with BLAST prior to submitting them to GenBank.

  • NCBI to hold three-day genomics hackathon in August

    May 27, 2015

    From August 3-5, NCBI will host its second genomics hackathon focusing on advancing bioinformatics analysis of next generation sequencing data. This event is for students, postdocs and investigators already engaged in the use of pipelines for genomic analyses from next generation sequencing data.* Working groups of 5-6 individuals will be formed for twelve teams, in three sections. These groups will build pipelines to analyze large datasets within a cloud infrastructure. The sections for this iteration are:"RNA-Seq Normalization for Every Biologist", "Translational Genomics", and "Democratization of Genomics". Please see the application for specific team projects.

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