How to create URLs that link to GTR

GTR provides multiple views of data.  URLs can be constructed that return the equivalent of searches of All GTR, or searches restricted by Tests, Conditions/Phenotypes, Genes, or Labs. Set queries can be used to deliver subsets of GTR content, such as all laboratories and tests that are registered in the GTR.

The URL is constructed from the following base:

with additions as tabulated below.

Category Type Qualifier Example
How to build links to GTR
All GTR Any word or phrase ?term=
  A MIM number ?term=123456[mim][mim]
  A gene symbol ?term=GLA[gene][gene]
  A condition identifier1 ?term=C0002986[discui][discui]
  A laboratory name ?term=name[orgname][orgname]
Tests Any word or phrase tests/?term=panel
  A GTR accession tests/GTR123456789
  A gene symbol tests/?term=GLA[gene][gene]
  A test name tests/?term=mitochondri*[testname]*[testname]
  A laboratory name tests/?term=name[orgname][orgname]
  A director's name tests/?term=name[director][director]
  A name of a city tests/?term=name[city][city]
  A condition identifier1 tests/?term=C0002986[discui][discui]
  A MIM number tests/?term=100800[mim][mim]
Conditions Any word or phrase conditions/?term=deficiency
  A gene symbol conditions/?term=GLA[gene][gene]
  A condition identifier conditions/C0002986
  A MIM number conditions/?term=100800[mim][mim]
  A drug name conditions/?term=name
Genes Any word or phrase of a name genes/?term=kinase
  A GeneID genes/?term=id[uid][uid]
  A MIM number genes/?term=123456[mim][mim]
Labs Any word or phrase labs/?term=laboratory
  A laboratory name labs/?term=cytogenetics[orgname][orgname]
  A director's name labs/?term=name[director][director]
  A staff member's name labs/?term=name[staff][staff]
  A service labs/?term=name[labservice]*[labservice]
  A condition name labs/?term=name[disname][disname]
  A city labs/?term=name[city][city]
Set Queries All registered labs and tests ?term="src gtr"[Properties][Properties]

1GTR uses identifiers for conditions grouped into concepts by the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) and used by MedGen.

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