Results found in 24 databases for ""Hapalochlaena maculosa" or "Blue-ringed Octopuses""

Db Count Description
Books 1 books and reports
MeSH 1 ontology used for PubMed indexing
NLM Catalog 4 books, journals and more in the NLM Collections
PubMed 19 scientific & medical abstracts/citations
PubMed Central 37 full-text journal articles
Db Count Description
EST 0 expressed sequence tag sequences
Gene 0 collected information about gene loci
GEO DataSets 0 functional genomics studies
GEO Profiles 77,518 gene expression and molecular abundance profiles
HomoloGene 28 homologous gene sets for selected organisms
PopSet 8 sequence sets from phylogenetic and population studies
UniGene 239 clusters of expressed transcripts
Db Count Description
ClinVar 0 human variations of clinical significance
dbGaP 0 genotype/phenotype interaction studies
GTR 1 genetic testing registry
MedGen 0 medical genetics literature and links
OMIM 1 online mendelian inheritance in man
PubMed Health 0 clinical effectiveness, disease and drug reports
Db Count Description
Conserved Domains 107 conserved protein domains
Protein 24 protein sequences
Protein Clusters 176 sequence similarity-based protein clusters
Structure 0 experimentally-determined biomolecular structures
Db Count Description
Assembly 0 genome assembly information
BioProject 1 biological projects providing data to NCBI
BioSample 1 descriptions of biological source materials
Clone 0 genomic and cDNA clones
dbVar 2 genome structural variation studies
Epigenomics 0 epigenomic studies and display tools
Genome 16 genome sequencing projects by organism
GSS 0 genome survey sequences
Nucleotide 76 DNA and RNA sequences
Probe 0 sequence-based probes and primers
SNP 399 short genetic variations
SRA 1 high-throughput DNA and RNA sequence read archive
Taxonomy 1 taxonomic classification and nomenclature catalog
Db Count Description
BioSystems 0 molecular pathways with links to genes, proteins and chemicals
PubChem BioAssay 71 bioactivity screening studies
PubChem Compound 0 chemical information with structures, information and links
PubChem Substance 2 deposited substance and chemical information
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