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Clusters of Related Viral Proteins (VOG): dsDNA virus proteins

Family  : Papillomaviridae

14 clusters
  Family       Func Cluster    
------G---  77 [R]  VOGd0001 Transforming protein E7
A--D--GH--  82 [L]  VOGd0421 * Replication protein E1 (helicase)
------G-I-   8 [LTR] VOGd0053 Large tumor antigen
------G-I-  10 [R]  VOGd0081 * Small/middle t-antigen
------G-I-  16 [S]  VOGd0169 Capsid protein VP2/VP3
------G-I-   8 [S]  VOGd0171 Capsid protein VP1
------G---  80 [R]  VOGd0194 Early oncoprotein E6
------G---  78 [R]  VOGd0195 Early transcriptional transactivator E2
------G---   5 [R]  VOGd0196 E4 protein
------G---  79 [S]  VOGd0197 Minor capsid protein L2
------G---  84 [S]  VOGd0198 Major capsid protein L1
------G---  48 [R]  VOGd0435 Papillomavirus E4 protein
------G---  18 [R]  VOGd0451 Papillomavirus E5 protein
------G---   3 [R]  VOGd0453 Papillomavirus E5b protein. Involved in altering host-cell protein processing

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