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  unclassified Picornavirales - 3 complete genomes
* The list view for each taxonomy node shows only the next level of sublineages.
* Unclassified/unassigned names are written in copper

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Genome Accession Source information Segm Length  Protein  Nbrs Host Created Updated
    Bluegill picornavirus NC_018506 isolate:04-032 - 8050 nt vertebrates 08/28/2012 02/26/2014
    Canine picornavirus NC_016964 strain:325F; isolate:325 - 7948 nt vertebrates 03/12/2012 06/05/2012
    Carp picornavirus 1 NC_023162 isolate:F37/06 - 7697 nt vertebrates 12/30/2013 12/30/2013
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