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Influenza Virus Sequence Annotation Tool
The NCBI Influenza Virus Sequence Annotation Tool is a web application for user-provided sequences. It can predict protein sequences encoded by an input flu sequence and produce a feature table that can be used for sequence submission to GenBank. More about the tool...

To use the tool, simply add one or multiple nucleotide sequences in FASTA format into the sequence box. A sequence can also be imported from a file by clicking the "Browse" button. After the "Annotate FASTA" button is clicked, a feature table is shown in a separate window. A message showing the predicted segment, and subtype for the hemagglutinin and neuraminidase segments will also be displayed. Warning messages will be shown along with the feature table, if the input sequence does not have a start/stop codon or contains ambiguity sequences. In case frameshifts are found in the coding regions, no feature table will be produced and an error message will be shown instead. Other output formats (GenBank flat file, ASN.1, XML, protein FASTA and alignment) can be selected and be shown on the browser or saved to files.

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