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ID: 216
Organism ImageTribolium castaneum (red flour beetle)

The red flour beetle is a common insect that feeds on stored grains

Lineage: Eukaryota[1252]; Metazoa[444]; Ecdysozoa[181]; Arthropoda[142]; Hexapoda[123]; Insecta[123]; Pterygota[123]; Neoptera[121]; Endopterygota[105]; Coleoptera[7]; Polyphaga[6]; Cucujiformia[4]; Tenebrionidae[1]; Tenebrionidae incertae sedis[1]; Tribolium[1]; Tribolium castaneum[1]
The red flour beetle (Tribolium castaneum) is considered a common insect pest, since it feeds on stored grains in mills, warehouses and pantries. This beetle is noted for its importance as a genetic model for research, both medically and economically motivated. T. castaneum was the first animal in which prostaglandin synthetase inhibitors More...

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