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Organism ImageRattus norvegicus (Norway rat)

The Norway rat is an important experimental model for many human disease, including arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

Lineage: Eukaryota[2414]; Metazoa[915]; Chordata[354]; Craniata[348]; Vertebrata[348]; Euteleostomi[340]; Mammalia[136]; Eutheria[131]; Euarchontoglires[68]; Glires[35]; Rodentia[33]; Sciurognathi[26]; Muroidea[17]; Muridae[7]; Murinae[7]; Rattus[2]; Rattus norvegicus[1]
Although considered a pest and major health threat by many, the rat is an important model organism to help understand human physiology and disease.



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Genome Sequencing Projects

complete Chromosomes [2]  Scaffolds or contigs Scaffolds or contigs [5]  SRA or Traces SRA or Traces [1]  
OrganismBioProjectAssemblyStatusChrsOrganellesSize (Mb) GC%GeneProtein
Rattus norvegicusPRJNA12455, PRJNA10629Rnor_5.0 complete2122,909.742.938,52850,973
Rattus norvegicusPRJNA16219, PRJNA13999Rn_Celera complete21-2,616.4242.435,95527,032
Rattus norvegicusPRJNA18687ASM18079v1 Scaffolds or contigs--27.2544.1-
Rattus norvegicusPRJNA18689ASM18071v1 Scaffolds or contigs--21.5943.5-
Rattus norvegicusPRJNA18691ASM18101v1 Scaffolds or contigs--48.7242.2-
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Other BioProjects

Genome Sequencing, no data7
Targeted Locus (Loci)2
Transcriptome or Gene expression1505



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