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Bos taurus (cattle)
Reference genome: Bos taurus (assembly Bos_taurus_UMD_3.1.1)
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ID: 82
Organism ImageBos taurus (cattle)


Lineage: Eukaryota[1228]; Metazoa[438]; Chordata[230]; Craniata[225]; Vertebrata[225]; Euteleostomi[221]; Mammalia[99]; Eutheria[95]; Laurasiatheria[47]; Cetartiodactyla[21]; Ruminantia[11]; Pecora[11]; Bovidae[9]; Bovinae[5]; Bos[3]; Bos taurus[1]
Bos taurus (cow) is an agriculturally important animal; beef and milk production are the largest manufacturing industries in the United States. The cow is an important model organism for health research in obesity, female health, and infectious diseases. Cow is also used in studies of endocrinology, physiology and reproductive techniques. The More...

Sequence data: genome assemblies: 3; sequence reads: 11 (See  Genome Assembly and Annotation report)

 Representative (genome information for reference and representative genomes)


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Genome Sequencing, no data11
Targeted Locus (Loci)1
Transcriptome or Gene expression331

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