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ID: 937
Organism ImageVarroa destructor (honeybee mite)

Parasitic mite of domesticated honey bee, Apis mellifera

Lineage: Eukaryota[1357]; Metazoa[507]; Ecdysozoa[212]; Arthropoda[150]; Chelicerata[14]; Arachnida[13]; Acari[7]; Parasitiformes[4]; Mesostigmata[2]; Dermanyssina[2]; Dermanyssoidea[1]; Varroidae[1]; Varroa[1]; Varroa destructor[1]
The mite Varroa destructor, of the mite order Mesostigmata, is a primary parasite of the domesticated honey bee Apis mellifera. It is an obligate parasite of immature and adult bees, and has tightly coevolved with species in the genus Apis. It is a confirmed vector of viral pathogens important for bee health.

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