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Cytogenetic Resource of FISH-mapped, Sequence-tagged Clones

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Chr clone name Distributor1 FISH Placement on genome2 Placement summary3 Insert sequence4 STS4 BAC-ends4 Flag
16 RP11-127I20 C 16p13.3(LANL)
chr16 4Mb AC020663.1 WI-18474    
16 RP11-167B4 C 16p13.3(LANL)
chr16 6Mb AC007217.5 D16S3232 AQ421204.1 SP6  
16 RP11-20I23 C 16p13.3(FHCRC)
chr16 2Mb AC093525.3   AQ008099.1 SP6,
B85680.1*u T7
16 RP11-243K18 C 16p13.3(FHCRC)
chr16 0Mb AC026836.3   AQ484455.1 SP6,
AQ484458.1 T7
16 RP11-295D4 C 16p13.3(LANL)
chr16 4Mb AC012676.5 IB1814    
16 RP11-31I10 C 16p13.3(FHCRC)
chr16 1Mb AC012180.6   AQ045842.1 ,
16 RP11-344L6 C 16p13.3(LANL)
chr16 0Mb AC007604.2 WI-17781    
16 RP11-35P16 C 16p13.3(LANL)
chr16 4Mb AC007606.8 s301G12 AQ047223.1 ,
16 RP11-433P17 C 16p13.3(LANL)
chr16 3Mb AC025283.6 WI-18011 AQ582559.1 SP6  
16 RP11-461A8 C 16p13.3(FHCRC)
chr16 3Mb AC006111.4   AZ520519.1 SP6,
AQ633614.1 T7
16 RP11-64L12 C 16p13.3(FHCRC)
chr16 0Mb AC068332.2 R34013    
16 RP11-728H8 C 16p13.3(FHCRC)
chr16 0Mb AC067772.2,
  AQ466481.1 T7  
16 RP11-297M9 R 16p13.2a~13.2b(NCI)
chr16 9Mb AC007218.6 RH10972 AF188084.1 ,
16 RP11-473M20 C 16p13.2~13.3(FHCRC)
chr16 2Mb AC108134.3      
16 RP11-95P2 C 16p13.2~13.3(FHCRC)
chr16 4Mb AC009171.6 AA284693 AQ316750.1*u SP6  
16 RP11-148F10 C 16p13.2(LANL)
chr16 7Mb AC027684.3 SHGC-2212, AFMA272WC5    
16 RP11-24M13 C 16p13.2(FHCRC)
chr16 8Mb AC021795.4 SHGC-2212 AQ013823.1 ,
B86713.1 T7,
AQ013826.1 ,
B92264.1 SP6
16 RP11-396B14 C 16p13.2(LANL)
chr16 11Mb AC007220.4 AFM088xc1    
16 RP11-418I22 C 16p13.2(LANL)
chr16 9Mb AC007221.2   AQ547804.1 T7  
16 RP11-475D10 C 16p13.2(LANL)
chr16 8Mb AC007224.5 AFMA128XG9 AQ632956.1 T7  
16 RP11-89D3 C 16p13.2(FHCRC)
chr16 10Mb AC022168.6 AFM113XE3, D16S407, AFM113XE3*u AQ283684.1 SP6,
AZ517731.1 T7,
AQ283685.1 T7
16 RP11-486I11 C 16p13.1~13.2(FHCRC)
chr16 11Mb AC010654.8      
16 RP11-547D14 C 16p13.1(LANL)
chr16 11Mb AC007616.5 2133\/2134    
16 RP11-66H6 C 16p13.1(LANL)
chr16 10Mb AC007014.1 SHGC-5345, SHGC-1333    
16 RP11-276H1 C 16p13.12~13.13(LANL)
chr16 12Mb AC007601.7 CHLC.ATA3A07, SHGC-31085    
16 CTA-276F8 C 16p13.1(LANL)
chr16 14Mb AC130650.2 s327F2 B14281.1 SP6,
B73615.1 SP6,
B14282.1 T7,
B73616.1 T7
16 CTA-362G6 C 16p13.1(LANL)
chr16 15Mb AC130455.2 WI-14833 B14340.1 SP6,
B14341.1 T7
16 CTA-363E6 R 16p13.1(CSMC)
chr16 13Mb AC130456.2*d D16S2635*d, D16S2630*d B14345.1 T7,
B14344.1*d SP6
16 CTA-363E6 R 16p13.1(CSMC)
chr16 19Mb AC130456.2 D16S2630, D16S2635 B14344.1 SP6,
B14345.1*d T7
16 CTA-388D4 C 16p13.1(LANL)
chr16 12Mb AC130458.2 WI-12693 B47425.1 SP6,
B14351.1 T7,
B14350.1*u SP6
16 CTA-972D3 C 16p13.1(LANL)
chr16 15Mb AC130651.2 s57B2 B51679.1 T7,
B73647.1 SP6,
B14475.1*u SP6,
B14476.1*u T7
16 RP11-109M19 C 16p13.1(LANL)
chr16 10Mb AC007595.9 WI-7896 AQ320360.1 T7,
AQ350035.1*u SP6
16 RP11-116B6 C 16p13.1(LANL)
chr16 10Mb AC007596.7 WI-7968*d AQ346184.1*u T7 multiple_placements_on_genome
16 RP11-116B6 C 16p13.1(LANL)
chr16 9Mb AC007596.7*d WI-7968 AQ346184.1*u T7 multiple_placements_on_genome
16 RP11-165M1 C 16p13.1(LANL)
chr16 12Mb AC007598.7 AFMb334wh1 AQ414589.1 T7  
16 RP11-490O6 C 16p13.1(LANL)
chr16 11Mb AC007613.8 SHGC-3202    
16 RP11-520B23 C 16p13.1(LANL)
chr16 11Mb AC007226.3 SGC35050    
16 RP11-81F1 C 16p13.1(FHCRC)
chr16 11Mb AC044803.1   AQ281068.1 T7,
AQ281067.1 SP6
16 RP11-109D4 C 16p12~13.1(FHCRC)
chr16 18Mb AC139461.1 SHGC-9643 AQ350655.1 SP6,
AQ322934.1 T7
16 RP11-283M20 C 16p12~13.1(FHCRC)
chr16 18Mb AC139469.2 SHGC-9643, SHGC-20942    
16 RP11-516F7 R 16p13.11(NCI)
chr16 16Mb AC137502.1 D16S2586E CL423193.1 SP6,
CL423198.1 T7,
AF188081.1*u ,
16 RP11-21M24 C 16p12(FHCRC)
chr16 22Mb AC092338.4   B86045.1 T7,
B83144.1 SP6
16 RP11-449G13 C 16p12(FHCRC)
chr16 18Mb AC020716.3      
16 RP11-548B6 C 16p12(FHCRC)
chr16 23Mb AC012185.4      
16 RP11-79I15 C 16p12(FHCRC)
chr16 16Mb AC136629.1   AQ283707.1 T7,
AZ519050.1 SP6,
AQ317546.1 SP6
16 RP11-368N21 C 16p11.2~12(FHCRC)
chr16 29Mb AC009086.6   AQ529070.1 SP6,
AQ529073.1 T7
16 CTA-485G10 C 16p12.1(LANL)
chr16 26Mb AC130460.2 16AC15H1H B73668.1 SP6,
B16332.1 SP6,
B16333.1 T7,
B73669.1 T7
16 CTA-88D1 C 16p12.1(LANL)
chr16 26Mb AC130464.3 s330F3 B51496.1 T7,
B14114.1 T7,
B14113.1 SP6,
B73602.1 SP6
16 RP11-388M20 C 16p11.2(FHCRC)
chr16 31Mb AC009088.9      
16 RP11-488I20 C 16p11.2(LANL)
chr16 34Mb AC007353.5 s311G4    
16 RP11-499D5 C 16p11.2(LANL)
16 RP11-74E23 C 16p11.2(FHCRC)
chr16 29Mb AC023831.9 AA704613    
16 RP11-80F22 CR 16p11.1(LANL)
chr16 34Mb AC018558.6 stSG48481 AQ284035.1 SP6,
AQ284038.1 T7
16 RP11-294A3 C 16q11.2~12.1(FHCRC)
chr16 45Mb AC026963.2      
16 RP11-474B12 R 16q11.2~12.1(NCI)
chr16 45Mb AC007533.2 RH68894, AFMa222za9 AZ081905.2 SP6,
AZ081926.1*u T7
16 RP11-93O14 C 16q11.2~12.1(FHCRC)
chr16 45Mb AC012186.8   AQ323662.1 SP6,
AZ519419.1*u T7
16 RP11-1103K14 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 46Mb AC023820.6   AQ677109.1 SP6,
AQ697070.1 T7
16 RP11-122K22 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 50Mb AC007489.3 s47G4 AQ343468.1 SP6,
AZ519513.1*u T7
16 RP11-132F7 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 50Mb AC007490.7 339A\/339S    
16 RP11-147B17 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 49Mb AC007334.8 AFMa189wg5 AQ373498.1*u SP6  
16 RP11-185J20 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 6Mb AC007012.1 SHGC-2219, AFMa059xc1 AQ420496.1 SP6  
16 RP11-21B23 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 48Mb AC007493.7 s302F2 B85801.1 T7,
B85800.1 SP6
16 RP11-223H1 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 50Mb AC007337.5 WI-3942    
16 RP11-283C7 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 45Mb AC007338.6 NIB1885    
16 RP11-295M3 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 51Mb AC007906.8 AFMa184xg1 AQ485468.1 SP6  
16 RP11-2D4 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 54Mb AC007602.6, AC131286.2*d,
AFMB362YF5, SHGC-12368*u B47743.1 T7,
AQ283475.1 SP6
16 RP11-2D4 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chrX 130Mb AC131286.2,
AC135734.1, AC007602.6*d
AFMB362YF5*d, SHGC-12368*u B47743.1*d T7,
AQ283475.1*d SP6
16 RP11-305A7 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 48Mb AC007339.8 AFM186XA3, AFM186XA3*u    
16 RP11-327F22 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 49Mb AC007728.4 h14a443*u    
16 RP11-355E10 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 54Mb AC007495.9 SHGC-14216    
16 RP11-357N13 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 52Mb AC007496.6 194B\/194S AQ539931.1 T7,
AQ539929.1 SP6
16 RP11-358O5 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 51Mb AC007340.8 WI-4863 AQ541434.1 T7,
AQ541023.1 SP6
16 RP11-36I17 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 52Mb AC007497.6 AFM205ze5 AQ045384.1 ,
16 RP11-381L15 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 50Mb AC007341.10 s59D10*u AQ553691.1*u T7  
16 RP11-397C9 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 49Mb AC007841.4      
16 RP11-424K7 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 49Mb AC007498.7 s71C7    
16 RP11-452G23 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 47Mb AC007611.5 AFM161XA1, D16S409 AQ580527.1 SP6,
AQ580530.1 T7
16 RP11-463J22 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 52Mb AC007343.7   AQ635385.1 SP6  
16 RP11-466G2 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 49Mb AC007344.3   AQ636057.1 SP6  
16 RP11-466N18 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 51Mb AC007345.5 EST01954 AQ637657.1 T7  
16 RP11-467J12 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 51Mb AC007346.6 AFM225ZF2 AQ631033.1 SP6,
AQ631035.1 T7
16 RP11-545E2 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 47Mb AC007500.7 s80B8    
16 RP11-67I13 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 50Mb AC007501.2 WI-9897 AQ238534.1 T7  
16 RP11-98C8 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 47Mb AC007502.6   AQ317507.1 T7  
16 RP11-212I21 C 16q12.1(LANL)
chr16 53Mb AC007336.6 AFMa273xe5*u    
16 RP11-297L17 R 16q12.2a~12.2b(NCI)
chr16 51Mb AC026462.5 RH54639 AZ081867.2 T7,
AQ505120.1 T7,
AZ081864.2*u SP6
16 RP11-142G1 C 16q12.2(LANL)
chr16 50Mb AC007333.8 SHGC-6485, s59B10 AQ389032.1 T7,
AQ389031.1 SP6
16 RP11-165M2 C 16q12.2(LANL)
chr16 54Mb AC007335.7 AFMa197ye1 AQ382051.1 T7,
AQ382044.1 SP6
16 RP11-325K4 C 16q12.2~13(FHCRC)
chr16 55Mb AC012181.8   AQ536943.1 SP6,
AQ536944.1 T7
16 RP11-441F2 C 16q12.2~13(FHCRC)
chr16 54Mb AC009102.10      
16 RP11-182C10 C 16q13(LANL)
chr16 53Mb AC007491.7 UT1936    
16 RP11-250E14 C 16q13~21(FHCRC)
chr16 55Mb AC009052.8      
16 RP11-89O14 C 16q13(LANL)
chr16 57Mb AC012323.7 D16S494, AFM193XH10 AQ283572.1 T7 multiple_placements_on_genome
16 RP11-89O14 C 16q13(LANL)
chr18 13Mb AC012323.7*d D16S494, AFM193XH10 AQ283572.1*d T7 multiple_placements_on_genome
16 RP11-406F21 R 16q13b~13c(NCI)
chr16 56Mb AC009089.2 RH26356, RH17827 AZ081979.2 SP6,
AZ081983.2 T7
16 RP11-25K3 C 16q21(FHCRC)
chr16 62Mb AC021798.5*u SHGC-14766 B82117.1 T7,
16 RP11-403P17 C 16q21(FHCRC)
chr16 65Mb AC010542.7      
16 RP11-459F6 C 16q21(FHCRC)
chr16 56Mb AC009107.11      
16 RP11-774P10 C 16q21(FHCRC)
chr16 55Mb AP001492.2   AQ722452.1*u T7,
AQ765507.1*u SP6
16 RP11-89G14 C 16q21(FHCRC)
chr16 59Mb AC016647.7 WI-4823 AQ282828.1 SP6,
AZ517081.1 T7,
AQ282830.1 T7
Chr clone name Distributor1 FISH Placement on genome2 Placement summary3 Insert sequence4 STS4 BAC-ends4 Flag
16 RP11-96D1 C 16q21(FHCRC)
chr16 66Mb AC020978.10   AQ313687.1 SP6,
AQ313690.1 T7
16 RP11-229O3 C 16q21~22(FHCRC)
chr16 63Mb AC010533.6   AQ487498.1 SP6  
16 RP11-354M1 C 16q21~22(FHCRC)
chr16 67Mb AC099314.3   AQ531214.1 SP6,
AZ517974.1 T7
16 RP11-89C10 C 16q21~22(FHCRC)
chr16 64Mb AC074053.2   AQ282666.1 SP6,
AQ282668.1 T7
16 RP11-93H5 C 16q21~22(FHCRC)
chr16 64Mb AC012325.9 H02884 AQ282088.1 SP6,
AQ323716.1 T7
16 RP11-123C5 C 16q22(FHCRC)
chr16 67Mb AC009027.10 SHGC-10489 AQ345186.1 T7,
AQ345183.1 SP6
16 RP11-502K10 C 16q22(FHCRC)
chr16 67Mb AC009131.6      
16 RP11-5A19 C 16q22(FHCRC)
chr16 65Mb AC074143.5, AC011267.3*u AA916906, SHGC-11402 B63868.1 SP6,
B63869.1 T7
16 RP11-354N7 C 16q22~23(FHCRC)
chr16 67Mb AC009082.7   AQ532701.1 T7,
AQ532700.1 SP6
16 RP11-361L15 C 16q22~23(FHCRC)
chr16 65Mb AC009084.9   AQ542775.1*u T7  
16 RP11-529K1 C 16q22~23(FHCRC)
chr16 68Mb AC012184.7      
16 RP11-518J6 C 16q23(FHCRC)
chr16 69Mb AC009136.6      
16 RP11-1B11 C 16q23~24(FHCRC)
chr16 80Mb AC084796.1 SHGC-11358 B48315.1 T7,
AQ315697.1*u SP6
16 RP11-280N16 C 16q23~24(FHCRC)
chr16 82Mb AC012320.6   AQ505167.1 T7  
16 RP11-510J16 C 16q23~24(FHCRC)
chr16 80Mb AC092142.5 RH11469    
16 RP11-442O1 R 16q24.1a(NCI)
chr16 83Mb AC026469.8 RH54531 AZ254687.1*u T7,
AZ254688.1*u SP6
16 CTB-8A9 R 16q24(CSMC)
chr16 85Mb AC140697.1*d AFMA306YF1   multiple_placements_on_genome
16 CTB-8A9 R 16q24(CSMC)
chr16 34Mb AC140697.1 AFMA306YF1*d, D16S3063*d   multiple_placements_on_genome
16 RP11-118F19 C 16q24(FHCRC)
chr16 84Mb AC092127.3 SHGC-34641 AQ348416.1 T7,
AQ348415.1 SP6
16 RP11-254F19 C 16q24(FHCRC)
chr16 83Mb AC025280.5 SHGC-33289, SHGC-20975 AQ479801.1 SP6  
16 RP11-542M13 C 16q24(FHCRC)
chr16 84Mb AC092723.3 M91196    
16 RP11-79A1 C 16q24(FHCRC)
chr16 88Mb AC015869.2,
SHGC-11987 AQ316888.1 SP6  
total117C:109 R:9 S:0117116 1177975 

1 Distributor: C, Children's hospical Oakland research institute; R, Research Genetics; S, Sanger Center

2 Placement of clones on the genome. Only clones that are localiized to one or two places on the same chromosome on the draft sequence are included

3 Placement summary indicates sequences used for clone placement.
   BAC-end sequence aligned in the plus orientation
   BAC-end sequence aligned in the minus orientation
   insert sequence
   STS aligned
   insert sequence has clone end information.

4 Sequence-tag

  *d indicates sequences that disagree with placement on the genome.

  *u indicates seqeunces that didn't align to the genome or were not used for annotation because the clone was placed to multiple locations on the human genome.