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Order cDNA clones for Mus musculus gene Rag2
Rag2:  recombination activating gene 2
The following clone(s) can be purchased through any of the IMAGE distributors. Some of them have provided direct order link(s) for your convenience.

Clone: MGC:178412 (IMAGE:9053404)
Clone Sequence: BC144856.1
Vector: pCR4-TOPO with reversed insert
Clone: MGC:159176 (IMAGE:40129988)
Clone Sequence: BC125473.1
Vector: pCR4-TOPO
Corresponding RefSeq mRNA: NM_009020.3
from GeneCopoeia Inc.
Clone: MGC:155785 (IMAGE:40129471)
Clone Sequence: BC120548.1
Vector: pCR4-TOPO
Corresponding RefSeq mRNA: NM_009020.3
from GeneCopoeia Inc.

I.M.A.G.E. Distributors

The I.M.A.G.E Consortium, headquartered at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, has handled clone arraying, archiving, and distribution for a number of large-scale projects, including MGC and The ORFeome Collaboration.

I.M.A.G.E Homepage

Distribution of the physical reagents, either individual clones or entire collections, is handled by the following U.S. and European suppliers:

American Type Culture Collection
Life Technologies
GE Life Sciences
SourceBioscience LifeSciences

Mammalian Gene Collection

The NIH Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC) project aims to identify at least one full-ORF cDNA clone for each human and mouse gene, produce a high-accuracy sequence, and make the physical reagents easily available to researchers. The collection is augmented by a limited number of rat cDNAs and non-mammalian clones coming from the affiliated Zebrafish (ZGC) and Xenopus (XGC) projects.

MGC Homepage
ZGC Homepage
XGC Homepage

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