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Clone-ID:  CTB-47E12 CurrState:  Free
Comment:  CloneSts processing
FingerPrint Information: No
Mapping Information
Chrom Position Map-Method Center
17 17q12 FISH CSMC
17 38.1 Mb ePCR/BLAST NCBI
STS Information
Chrom STS-Name Accession Map-Method Center
17 D17S2003 PCR CSMC
17 EST107640 PCR/Hyb CSMC
Library Information
Name:   CalTech human BAC library B
Organism:  Homo sapiens Type:  BAC
Approved:  No Sex:  Unknown
Source:  987 SK cells Rsite:  HindIII
Distributor Information
Available from clone library
Name:   Research Genetics
Available as part of clone set HBRC_1.resgen
Name:   Research Genetics
Additional Web Resources
University of California at Santa Cruz Human Genome Browser