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Clone-ID:  RP11-373P23 CurrState:  Accessioned
AC023170 is a component of human 10 contig NT_008583
FingerPrint Information: No
Sequence Information
Accession G. Center State Seqlen(bp)
AC023170 GTC finished 195448
Gene Information
Symbol Position Method Center
TFAM 10q21 Annot NCBI
UBE2D1 10q11.2-q21 Annot NCBI
Mapping Information
Chrom Position Map-Method Center
10 10q21.1-10q21.3 FISH SC
10 59.9 Mb ePCR/BLAST NCBI
STS Information
Chrom STS-Name Accession Map-Method Center
10 A007E45 PCR/Hyb SC
10 STS-M62810 AC023170 ePCR NCBI
RH65397 AC023170 ePCR NCBI
RH69158 AC023170 ePCR NCBI
10 RH70235 AC023170 ePCR NCBI
G44309 AC023170 ePCR NCBI
10 AFMB080YD9 AC023170 ePCR NCBI
10 A007E45 AC023170 ePCR NCBI
10 SHGC-23970 AC023170 ePCR NCBI
10 SGC30416 AC023170 ePCR NCBI
10 SHGC-53016 AC023170 ePCR NCBI
10 SHGC-14566 AC023170 ePCR NCBI
Library Information
Name:   RPCI human BAC library 11
Organism:  Homo sapiens Type:  BAC
Approved:  Yes Sex:  Male
Source:  blood Rsite:  EcoRI
Distributor Information
Available from clone library
Name:   Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI)
Contact:   Pieter J. de Jong
Available as part of clone set
Name:   Sanger Center
Contact:   Mark Ross
Additional Web Resources
University of California at Santa Cruz Human Genome Browser
Clone report at the Sanger Center