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Clone-ID:  RP11-98G7 CurrState:  Accessioned
AL139412 is a component of human 1 contig NT_004487
FingerPrint Information: No
Sequence Information
Accession G. Center State Seqlen(bp)
AL139412 SC finished 51420
Gene Information
Symbol Position Method Center
MEF2D 1q12-q23 Annot NCBI
End-Sequence Information
Accession Seqlen(bp) Repeat Hit End
AQ316453 487 No Yes SP6
AQ316454 588 No Yes T7
Mapping Information
Chrom Position Map-Method Center
1 1q21.2-1q22 FISH SC
1 153.3 Mb ePCR/BLAST NCBI
STS Information
Chrom STS-Name Accession Map-Method Center
1 RH121816 AL139412 ePCR NCBI
1 HSC1IB102 AL139412 ePCR NCBI
1 1996 AL139412 ePCR NCBI
1 RH81006 AL139412 ePCR NCBI
1 RH70462 AL139412 ePCR NCBI
1 SHGC-146655 AL139412 ePCR NCBI
1 SHGC-147771 AL139412 ePCR NCBI
D1S2557 AL139412 ePCR NCBI
1 SHGC-146556 AL139412 ePCR NCBI
1 WIAF-2182 AL139412 ePCR NCBI
1 WI-13531 AL139412 ePCR NCBI
1 RH15878 AL139412 ePCR NCBI
RH83 AL139412 ePCR NCBI
1 STS-M79075 AL139412 ePCR NCBI
Library Information
Name:   RPCI human BAC library 11
Organism:  Homo sapiens Type:  BAC
Approved:  Yes Sex:  Male
Source:  blood Rsite:  EcoRI
Distributor Information
Available from clone library
Name:   Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI)
Contact:   Pieter J. de Jong
Available as part of clone set
Name:   Sanger Center
Contact:   Mark Ross
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