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ID: 980
Subdoligranulum variabile

Normal gastrointestinal bacterium

Lineage: Bacteria[5091]; Firmicutes[1051]; Clostridia[409]; Clostridiales[360]; Ruminococcaceae[34]; Subdoligranulum[2]; Subdoligranulum variabile[1]
Subdoligranulum variabile. Subdoligranulum variabile is a member of the division Firmicutes. In one comprehensive 16S rDNA sequence-based enumeration of the colonic microbiota of three healthy adult humans, it represents, on average, 0.532% of all 16S rDNA sequences and 1.048% of the sequences in its division (Eckburg et. al. (2005)).

 Representative (genome information for reference and representative genomes)

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