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ID: 54
Organism ImageThalassiosira pseudonana

Diatoms are photosynthetic unicellular algae and this species has served as a model for diatom physiology studies

Lineage: Eukaryota[1344]; Stramenopiles[41]; Bacillariophyta[3]; Coscinodiscophyceae[2]; Thalassiosirophycidae[2]; Thalassiosirales[2]; Thalassiosiraceae[2]; Thalassiosira[2]; Thalassiosira pseudonana[1]
Thalassiosira pseudonana is an unicellular algae, a diatom. Diatoms are found in almost all aquatic enviroments in the world. They have been well studied in both their natural habitat and in laboratory settings. Diatoms grow an outer silica shell, called a frustule, that is unique to each species. The silica shell can be preserved, and fossil More...

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