Otolemur garnettii (small-eared galago)
Representative genome: Otolemur garnettii (assembly OtoGar3)
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ID: 451
Organism ImageOtolemur garnettii (small-eared galago)

Small-eared galago, or bushbaby

Lineage: Eukaryota[1568]; Metazoa[623]; Chordata[278]; Craniata[273]; Vertebrata[273]; Euteleostomi[266]; Mammalia[115]; Eutheria[111]; Euarchontoglires[48]; Primates[26]; Strepsirrhini[6]; Lorisiformes[1]; Galagidae[1]; Otolemur[1]; Otolemur garnettii[1]
The small-eared galago, Otolemur garnettii, or bushbaby, occupies a phylogenetically important position as one of two major branches of the prosimian primates. Galagos diverged from the other major branch of prosimians, the lemurs, approximately 43 million years ago. It is thought that prosimians have more primitive developmental and morphological More...


Submitter: Broad Institute
Definition: The Otolemur garnettii genome was sequenced by the Broad Institute.
Assembly level: Scaffold
Assembly: GCA_000181295.3 OtoGar3 scaffolds: 7,793 contigs: 200,240 N50: 27,100 L50: 21,634
BioProjects: PRJNA169348, PRJNA16955
Whole Genome Shotgun (WGS): INSDC: AAQR00000000.3
Statistics: total length (Mb): 2519.72
 protein count: 26925
 GC%: 41.5

Genome Assembly Annotation

Loc Type Name RefSeq INSDC Size (Mb) GC% Protein tRNA Other RNA Gene Pseudogene
master WGS-AAQR00000000.32,507.5541.1-----


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