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ID: 401
Organism ImageVitis vinifera (wine grape)

Vitis vinifera overview

Lineage: Eukaryota[1057]; Viridiplantae[132]; Streptophyta[123]; Embryophyta[122]; Tracheophyta[121]; Spermatophyta[120]; Magnoliophyta[118]; eudicotyledons[88]; Gunneridae[87]; Pentapetalae[87]; rosids[61]; Vitales[1]; Vitaceae[1]; Vitis[1]; Vitis vinifera[1]
Vitis vinifera is the most cultivated and economically important grape species. Grapes are not only consumed fresh but processed in making juice and wine. Though new cultivars of grapes have been developed over last few decades, their introduction into the market has been difficult. An existing cultivar can also be manipulated for a desirable More...

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Phenotype or Genotype1
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Transcriptome or Gene expression60

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