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ID: 234
Organism ImageEchinops telfairi (small Madagascar hedgehog)

A nocturnal, spined animal found in Madagascar

Lineage: Eukaryota[1440]; Metazoa[559]; Chordata[246]; Craniata[241]; Vertebrata[241]; Euteleostomi[237]; Mammalia[108]; Eutheria[104]; Afrotheria[7]; Tenrecidae[1]; Tenrecinae[1]; Echinops[1]; Echinops telfairi[1]
The lesser hedgehog tenrec, Echinops telfairi, is a nocturnal, spined animal found in Madagascar. Tenrecs are morphologically similar to mammals such as hedgehogs, shrews, and mice, but molecular analysis suggests that tenrecs are part of the Afrotheria clade which includes elephant shrews, golden moles, aardvarks and elephants. The Echinops telfairi More...

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