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ID: 10972
Aegilops tauschii

Aegilops tauschii overview

Lineage: Eukaryota[1106]; Viridiplantae[137]; Streptophyta[127]; Embryophyta[126]; Tracheophyta[125]; Spermatophyta[124]; Magnoliophyta[122]; Liliopsida[30]; Poales[23]; Poaceae[23]; BEP clade[20]; Pooideae[6]; Triticeae[5]; Aegilops[1]; Aegilops tauschii[1]
Aegilops tauschii is a wild plant species that is diploid (2n = 14) with genome size about 4000 Mb. Extensive genetic evidence leads to the conclusion that Triticum aestivum is the product of hybridization between Triticum turgidum (AABB) and Ae. tauschii (DD) [Kihara H (1944) Agric Hort 19:13-14 and McFadden ES and Sears More...

 Representative (genome information for reference and representative genomes)

    Reference genome:

    • minus sign¬† Aegilops tauschii ASM34733v1

      Submitter: BGI

      Loc Type Name RefSeq INSDC Size (Mb) GC% Protein Gene
      master WGS-AOCO000000000.12,922.9946.029,55437,449


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