Database of genomic structural variation including insertions, deletions, duplications, inversions, deletion-insertions, mobile element insertions, translocations, and complex rearrangements


  • If your data include clinical assertions, STOP! Variants with clinical assertions must be submitted to ClinVar instead of dbVar. Clinical information will be stored in ClinVar, and structural variants will automatically be forwarded to dbVar. See the ClinVar submission page for more information.
  • We now take VCF submissions! You may submit the variant calls portion of your data (and variant regions, if applicable) in Variant Call Format (VCF). However all study metadata must be submitted using one of our standard formats (Excel, tab-delimited, or XML).
  • Submit your data early. To avoid last-minute delays in the publication process, submit your data to dbVar well in advance so we have time to prepare it for access by journal editors. If you indicate a hold date in your submisson, we will not release your data before the date you indicate.