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This browser provides a listing of genomic clone libraries with records in Clone DB. Data filters are provided to assist with navigation of the table.

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OrganismLibrary NameLibrary AbbreviationVector typesDistributorsTotal clonesTotal end sequencesTotal insert sequences
Trichinella spiralisTrichinella spiralis BAC Library TS195TS195AEX BAC
Amplicon Express
Citrus clementinaCitrus clementina EcoRI BAC libraryCCER1 BAC
Amplicon Express
Citrus clementinaCitrus clementina HindIII BAC libraryCCH3 BAC
Amplicon Express
Beta vulgarisSugar beet BAC library US H20SBAAEX BAC
Amplicon Express
Heterorhabditis bacteriophoraHeterorhabditis bacteriophora BAC library HHB from Amplicon ExpressHHB BAC
Amplicon Express

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