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Molecular Structure Image for cl14603

C2: C2 domain

The C2 domain was first identified in PKC. C2 domains fold into an 8-standed beta-sandwich that can ...

Molecular Structure Image for smart00239

C2: Protein kinase C conserved region 2 (CalB)

Ca2+-binding motif present in phospholipases, protein kinases C, and synaptotagmins (among others). ...

Molecular Structure Image for cd08692

C2B_Tac2-N: C2 domain second repeat found in Tac2-N (Tandem C2 protein in Nucleus)

Tac2-N contains two C2 domains and a short C-terminus including a WHXL motif, which are key in stabi...

Molecular Structure Image for cd08691

C2_NEDL1-like: C2 domain present in NEDL1 (NEDD4-like ubiquitin protein ligase-1)

NEDL1 (AKA HECW1(HECT, C2 and WW domain containing E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 1)) is a newly ident...

Molecular Structure Image for cd08690

C2_Freud-1: C2 domain found in 5' repressor element under dual repression binding protein-1 (Freud-1)

Freud-1 is a novel calcium-regulated repressor that negatively regulates basal 5-HT1A receptor expre...

Molecular Structure Image for cd08689

C2_fungal_Pkc1p: C2 domain found in protein kinase C (Pkc1p) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

This family is named after the protein kinase C in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Pkc1p. Protein kinase C...

Molecular Structure Image for cd08688

C2_KIAA0528-like: C2 domain found in the Human KIAA0528 cDNA clone

The members of this CD are named after the Human KIAA0528 cDNA clone. All members here contain a si...

Molecular Structure Image for cd08687

C2_PKN-like: C2 domain in Protein kinase C-like (PKN) proteins

PKN is a lipid-activated serine/threonine kinase. It is a member of the protein kinase C (PKC) supe...

Molecular Structure Image for cd08686

C2_ABR: C2 domain in the Active BCR (Breakpoint cluster region) Related protein

The ABR protein is similar to the breakpoint cluster region protein. It has homology to guanine nuc...

Molecular Structure Image for cd08685

C2_RGS-like: C2 domain of the Regulator Of G-Protein Signaling (RGS) family

This CD contains members of the regulator of G-protein signaling (RGS) family. RGS is a GTPase activ...

Molecular Structure Image for cd08684

C2A_Tac2-N: C2 domain first repeat found in Tac2-N (Tandem C2 protein in Nucleus)

Tac2-N contains two C2 domains and a short C-terminus including a WHXL motif, which are key in stabi...

Molecular Structure Image for cd08683

C2_C2cd3: C2 domain found in C2 calcium-dependent domain containing 3 (C2cd3) proteins

C2cd3 is a novel C2 domain-containing protein specific to vertebrates. C2cd3 functions in regulator...

Molecular Structure Image for cd08682

C2_Rab11-FIP_classI: C2 domain found in Rab11-family interacting proteins (FIP) class I

Rab GTPases recruit various effector proteins to organelles and vesicles. Rab11-family interacting ...

Molecular Structure Image for cd08681

C2_fungal_Inn1p-like: C2 domain found in fungal Ingression 1 (Inn1) proteins

Saccharomyces cerevisiae Inn1 associates with the contractile actomyosin ring at the end of mitosis ...

Molecular Structure Image for cd08680

C2_Kibra: C2 domain found in Human protein Kibra

Kibra is thought to be a regulator of the Salvador (Sav)/Warts (Wts)/Hippo (Hpo) (SWH) signaling net...

Molecular Structure Image for cd08678

C2_C21orf25-like: C2 domain found in the Human chromosome 21 open reading frame 25 (C21orf25) protein

The members in this cd are named after the Human C21orf25 which contains a single C2 domain. Severa...

Molecular Structure Image for cd08677

C2A_Synaptotagmin-13: C2 domain

Synaptotagmin is a membrane-trafficking protein characterized by a N-terminal transmembrane region, ...

Molecular Structure Image for cd08676

C2A_Munc13-like: C2 domain first repeat in Munc13 (mammalian uncoordinated)-like proteins

C2-like domains are thought to be involved in phospholipid binding in a Ca2+ independent manner in b...

Molecular Structure Image for cd08675

C2B_RasGAP: C2 domain second repeat of Ras GTPase activating proteins (GAPs)

RasGAPs suppress Ras function by enhancing the GTPase activity of Ras proteins resulting in the inac...

Molecular Structure Image for cd08521

C2A_SLP: C2 domain first repeat present in Synaptotagmin-like proteins

All Slp members basically share an N-terminal Slp homology domain (SHD) and C-terminal tandem C2 dom...

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