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Brush J, Boyd K, Chappell F, et al. The Value of FDG Positron Emission Tomography/Computerised Tomography (PET/CT) in Pre-Operative Staging of Colorectal Cancer: A Systematic Review and Economic Evaluation. Southampton (UK): NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre (UK); 2011 Sep. (Health Technology Assessment, No. 15.35.)

Cover of The Value of FDG Positron Emission Tomography/Computerised Tomography (PET/CT) in Pre-Operative Staging of Colorectal Cancer: A Systematic Review and Economic Evaluation

The Value of FDG Positron Emission Tomography/Computerised Tomography (PET/CT) in Pre-Operative Staging of Colorectal Cancer: A Systematic Review and Economic Evaluation.

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Appendix 6Excluded studies

Author/yearReason for exclusion
Abdel-Nabi 1990Not FDG PET/CT
Abdel-Nabi 1997Conference abstract
Abdel-Nabi 1998Non-integrated PET equipment
Abdel-Nabi 2002Review
Abir 2006Conference proceeding
Abouzied 2001Announcement of prize winners
Abouzied 2005Review
Adrianensen 2008Case study
Ak 2000Review
Akhurst 1996Conference abstract
Akhurst 1998Conference abstract
Akhurst 1999Review
Akhurst 2003Conference abstract
Akhurst 2005Non-integrated PET equipment
Alavi 2004Review
Alibazoglu 1999Review
Als 2002Conference proceeding
Altmann 2003Not staging
Ambrosini 2006Not staging
Amer 2003Conference abstract
Amthauer 2000Review
Amthauer 2004Non-integrated PET equipment
Amthauer 2006Non-integrated PET equipment
An 2008Not staging
Anderson 2007Review – radiotherapy planning
Anonymous 1994Conference proceeding
Anonymous 2000Conference proceeding
Anonymous 2002Conference proceeding
Anonymous 2003News report
Anonymous 2005News report
Anonymous 2007Review
Anonymous 2008Recommendation statement
Antoch 2004Data not available
Aparicio 2008Anal cancer
Arulampalam 2001Non-integrated PET equipment
Arulampalam 2001Review
Arulampalam 2001Review
Arulampalam 2004Not FDG PET/CT
Aubertin 2006Review
Avril 2003Review
Badiee 2008Mixed tumours, separate CRC data not available
Barba 2005Case report
Bares 1994Conference abstract
Barker 2005Review
Bar-Shalom 2000Unknown reference standard
Bashir 2008Review
Bauer 2004Conference abstract
Baum 1997Conference abstract
Beasley 2002Review
Bedi 2008Conference abstract
Beets 1994Non-integrated PET equipment
Beets-Tan 2004Review
Beets-Tan 2005Conference proceeding
Beller 2007Review
Berman 1998Review
Betler 2008Conference abstract
Biersack 2000PET alone
Bipat 2005Review
Bipat 2006Survey
Bipat 2007Review
Bipat 2008Review
Blahd 1996Review
Blend 1996Review
Bloeman 2008Conference proceeding
Blumstein 2004Conference abstract
Blumstein 2004Conference abstract
Bombardieri 1997Review
Bombardieri 2001Review
Bombardieri 2003Non-integrated PET equipment
Borrego 2004Non-integrated PET equipment
Bourguet 2007Review
Boykin 1999Non-integrated PET equipment
Brady 2008Review
Brennan 2001Review
Brihaye 2009Review
Brittenden 2007Review
Brown 2004Review
Brown 2005Review
Brown 2007Review
Bruna 2007Not staging
Bujenovic 2004Review
Burger 2002Conference abstract
Burvenich 2007Review
Bybel 2006Review
Cabello-Garcia 2007Conference proceeding
Calvo 2004PET alone
Capirci 2004Non-integrated PET equipment
Capirci 2005Conference abstract
Caprio 2006Conference abstract
Carillio 2005Case report
Carnaghi 2005Conference abstract
Carnaghi 2005Conference abstract
Carnaghi 2007Non-integrated PET equipment
Carneiro 2009Review
Castellucci 2007Conference abstract
Chan 2008Case report
Chang 2009Review
Charnsangavej 2006Consensus statement
Chen 2003Non-integrated PET equipment
Chessin 2005Review
Ching 2004Review
Cho 2007Conference abstract
Coha 2009Not FDG PET/CT
Cohade 2002Conference abstract
Cohen 1997Editorial
Collins 2007Review
Comans 2002Review
Cook 2004Review
Cook 2007Review
Coronado 2004Conference abstract
Cotter 2006Anal cancer
Czech 2000Review
Czernin 2002Review
Czernin 2002Review
Daenen 1996Conference abstract
Dahan 2008Review
Dane 2008Review
Danish Centre for Evaluation 2001Not FDG PET/CT
Decosterd 1989Laboratory-based study
De Gues-Oei 2006Not FDG PET/CT
De Gues-Oei 2006Non-integrated PET equipment
Delbeke 1996Conference abstract
Delbeke 1997Non-integrated PET equipment
Delbeke 1998Non-integrated PET equipment
Delbeke 1999Review
Delbeke 2001Non-integrated PET equipment
Delbeke 2004Review
Deleau 2008Not FDG PET/CT
Desai 2003Non-integrated PET equipment
De Winton 2009Anal cancer
Dias 2007Review
Dietlein 1999Review
Dietlein 2003Non-integrated PET equipment
Dietlein 2003Survey
Digby 2000Review
Dinter 2006Review
Dinter 2008Review
Dobos 2002Review
Drenth 2001Non-integrated PET equipment
Dromain 2004Review
Ducreux 2005Review
Eiland 2006Non-integrated PET equipment
Ellis 2006Review
Esnault 2006Conference abstract
Even-Sapir 2006Not staging
Falk 1994Non-integrated PET equipment
Faneyte 2008Data unavailable
Fasoli 2005Review
Figueras 2005Editorial
Filmont 2001Not FDG PET/CT
Filmont 2001Conference abstract
Finkelstein 2008Non-integrated PET equipment
Flamen 1998Conference proceeding
Flamen 1999Non-integrated PET equipment
Flamen 2000Review
Flamen 2008Review
Flanagan 1996Conference abstract
Flanagan 1998Non-integrated PET equipment
Fletcher 2008Review
Flynn 1996Review
Flynn 1996Review
Fong 1999Non-integrated PET equipment
Franc 2008Review
Francis 20032 × 2 data not available
Francis 2003Conference abstract
Francis 2004Response to therapy
Francis 2005Review
Franke 2000Not FDG PET/CT
Friedland 2004Conference abstract
Friedland 2005Non-integrated PET equipment
Fujimoto 2009Not FDG PET/CT
Fukunaga 2002Conference abstract
Furukawa 2006Non-integrated PET equipment
Furukawa 2008Review article
Gaa 2005Not FDG PET/CT
Gallego-Peinado 2007Conference abstract
Gambhir 1997Conference abstract
Gambhir 2001Conference proceeding
Gardner-Thorpe 2008Conference abstract
Gearhart 2005Conference proceeding
Ghosh 2007Letter to the editor
Gomez-Leon 2007Review
Goodman 2008Review
Gopalan 2002Not FDG PET/CT
Goshen 2006Case series
Graham 1999Conference abstract
Grande 2005Case report
Guan 2003Conference abstract
Guan 2005Non-integrated PET equipment
Gupta 1992Conference abstract
Gupta 1993Non-integrated PET equipment
Gupta 2005Case report
Haberkorn 2001Review
Habr-Gama 2008Non-integrated PET equipment
Haguet 2007Not FDG PET/CT
Haji 2007Review
Hallkar 1999Conference abstract
Hankins 2005Review
Harder 2008Not CRC
Herbertson 2009Review
Heriot 1999Review
Heriot 2004PET alone
Heriot 2007Conference proceeding
Hernandez 2005Review
Herrera 2007Two case reports
Hicks 2006Review
Hillner 2004Not FDG PET/CT
Hobbs 1995Review
Hoh 1997Review
Hojgaard 2003Review
Holstege 2006Review
Huebner 2000Review
Huguet 2007Not FDG PET/CT
Huguier 2006Non-integrated PET equipment
Hung 2001Non-integrated PET equipment
Hustinx 1998Non-integrated PET equipment
Hustinx 1999Non-integrated PET equipment
Hustinx 2004Non-integrated PET equipment
Iagaru 2007Review
Iagaru 2009Non-integrated PET equipment
Ide 2005Review
Ide 2006PET screening
Ike 2004Conference abstract
Imbriaco 1997Conference abstract
Imdahl 2000Non-integrated PET equipment
Institute for 2003Review
Ishikawa 2009Conference abstract
Ishimori 2005Staging diagnostic test accuracy not study purpose
Israel 2007Review
Ito 2002Review
Ito 2008Duplicate publication
Iwanicki-Caron 2006Not FDG PET/CT
Iyer 2006Review
Jadvar 1997Conference abstract
Jarnagin 1999Not staging
Jaruskova 2004Conference abstract
Jeong 2008Case report
Jerusalem 2002Review
Jerusalem 2003Review
Jerusalem 2003Review
Jiao 2007Non-integrated PET equipment
Johnson 2001Non-integrated PET equipment
Jones 2008Case report
Jorg 2002Review
Jorg 2002Review
Joyce 2006Non-integrated PET equipment
Kaerlev 2005Not a study of diagnostic test accuracy
Kaida 2006PET alone
Kamel 2002Conference abstract
Kamel 2004Mixed tumours, not separate data
Kang 2004Conference abstract
Kantorova 2003Non-integrated PET equipment
Kanyari 2005Non-integrated PET equipment
Kapse 2009Review
Karantanas 2007Review
Kato 2002Review
Kayani 2006Review
Kilbas 2007Conference abstract
Kim 2004Conference abstract
Kinkel 2002Review
Klaff 2002Non-integrated PET equipment
Kletter 2007Review
Klippenstein 2000Review
Koh 2006Review
Kojima 2003Review
Komori 2007Review
Koslin 2002Review
Kosugi 2008Non-integrated PET equipment
Krause 2004Conference abstract
Krengli 2008Anal cancer
Kubota 2001Review
Kuehl 2008Not staging
Kuehl 2008Not staging
Kuehl 2008For tumour progression
Kuehl 2008Letter to the editor
Kumar 2006Review
Lai 1996Not FDG PET/CT
Lang 1999Conference abstract
Lang 1999Conference abstract
Lang 1999Conference abstract
Lang 2000Conference proceeding
Lang 2007Journal news item
Langenhoff 2002Non-integrated PET equipment
Laupacis 2002Review
Layer 2008Review
Lee 2008Conference abstract
Lee 2008Case series
Lehner 1990Non-integrated PET equipment
Lejeune 2005Economic model
Liehn 1992Not PET
Lind 2003Review article
Liu 2001Conference abstract
Llamas-Elvira 2007Non-integrated PET equipment
Longo 2002Review
Lonneux 1996Conference abstract
Lonneux 1999Review
Lonneux 2001Conference abstract
Lonneux 2002Non-integrated PET equipment
Lonneux 2002Review
Lonneux 2003Review
Lonneux 2008Review
Low 2008Review
Macedon 2008Conference abstract
Maisey 2003Editorial
Makin 2001Review
Malyap 2004Conference abstract
Mann 2007Study does not evaluate role of FDG PET/CT
Manych 2007Review article
Martinez 2007Conference proceeding
Massardo 2007Review
Maublant 1998Review
Mavi 2006Conference abstract
Medea 2006Conference proceeding
Medical Services Advisory Committee 2007Review
Medical Services Advisory Committee 2008Review
Meijerink 2009Review
Messa 2006Review
Meta 2000Conference proceeding
Metser 2004Letter
Middleton 2002Review
Mitrakopoulou-Strauss 2003Not FDG PET/CT
Moadel 2008Review
Montravers 2001Not FDG PET/CT
Montravers 2002Conference abstract
Montravers 2004Compares two different PET systems
Moretti 2006Conference abstract
Mukai 2000Non-integrated PET equipment
Muthusamy 2007Review
Nachar 2002Review
Nagata 2008Not PET
Nagata 2008Colonography not tomography
Nahas 2008Non-integrated PET equipment
Nahas 2008Anal cancer
Nakamoto 2007Non-integrated PET equipment
Nakamoto 2008Lung cancer
Nakamoto 2009Not CRC, gastric cancer
Nakamura 2004Case study
Nanashima 2008Not FDG PET/CT
Nasu 2008Case study
National Coordinating Centre 2007Review
Nguyen 2008Anal cancer
O'Dwyer 2001Review
Ogunbiyi 1997Non-integrated PET equipment
Ondrak 2007Review
Ono 2007Non-integrated PET equipment
Ono 2009Non-integrated PET equipment
Osman 2003Letter
Ott 1999Not FDG PET/CT
Oyen 2000Conference proceedings
Oyen 2003PET alone
Pahlman 2002Review
Pakzad 2006Conference abstract
Palazzo 2000Review
Palomar 2006Conference abstract
Pandey 2005Not CRC
Pandit-Taskar 2004Non-integrated equipment
Pantaleo 2007Letter
Pantaleo 2008Not staging
Pantaleo 2008Review
Park 2005Conference proceeding
Park 2006Data not available
Paschos 2008Review
Paskeviciute 2009Not a study of diagnostic test accuracy
Pellet 2002Not FDG PET/CT
Pelosi 2004Not staging
Pelosi 2007Review
Perez 2007Conference proceeding
Pham 2002Review
Podoloff 2007Review
Redvanly 1998Conference abstract
Redvanly 1998Conference proceeding
Reerink 2004Review
Reske 1996Conference proceeding
Reske 1999Review
Reske 2001Review
Rodari 2007Conference abstract
Rogers 2006Conference abstract
Rohren 2002Non-integrated PET equipment
Rosa 2002Conference proceeding
Rosenberg 2007Conference abstract
Rosenberg 2009Not staging
Ruers 2002Non-integrated PET equipment
Ruhlmann 1996Case report
Ruhlmann 1997Non-integrated PET equipment
Sahani 2005Non-integrated PET equipment
Saunders 2002Review
Schaefer 2007Review
Schiepers 1995Non-integrated PET equipment
Schiepers 2003Comment
Schlag 2001Review
Schmidt 2004Interim report
Schmidt 2007Review
Schmidt 2007Indication unclear, does not meet histopath
Schreyer 1998Review
Schroder 1998Conference abstract
Scott 1994Conference abstract
Scott 1996Conference abstract
Scott 2002Review
Scott 2007Conference abstract
Scott 2008Non-integrated PET equipment
Segre 2005Conference proceeding
Selvaggi 2003Non-integrated PET equipment
Sharma 2008Review
Sheehan 2007Review
Sheehy 2007Review
Shin 2008Review
Simo 2002Non-integrated PET equipment
Skelly 2006Conference abstract
Sobhani 2008Non-integrated PET equipment
Sorensen 2007Non-integrated PET equipment
Speer 2001Non-integrated PET equipment
Squillaci 2008Data not available
Stelzner 2006Not staging
Storto 2006Conference abstract
Strasberg 2001Non-integrated PET equipment
Strasberg 2002Comment
Strasberg 2003Not CRC
Strauss 1991Review
Strauss 1993Review
Stroszczynski 2001Review
Sun 2008Review
Takahashi 2006Non-integrated PET equipment
Takeuchi 1999Non-integrated PET equipment
Talbot 2001Review
Tan 2000Review
Tang 2005Non-integrated PET equipment
Teague 2004Non-integrated PET equipment
Topal 2001Non-integrated PET equipment
Torricelli 2007Review
Touboul 2004Conference proceeding
Touboul 2007Review
Traeger 1999Conference abstract
Traeger 1999Conference proceeding
Trampal 1999Conference proceeding
Trampal 1999Non-integrated PET equipment
Travaini 2008Not staging
Truant 2005Non-integrated PET equipment
Tutt 2004Review
Tzimas 2004Review
Unidad de Evaluacion de Tecnologias Sanitarias 2004Economic evaluation
Uno 2003Single case
Valgaeren 2001Surveillance not staging
Valk 1996Conference abstract
Valk 1999Non-integrated PET equipment
Valotassiou 2006Conference abstract
Van 2001Review
Vandenbroucke 2008Review
Vander 2007Review
Van Kouwen 2005Non-integrated PET equipment
Veit 2004Conference abstract
Veit 2006Colonography
Veit-Haibach 2006Colonography not tomography
Vikram 2008Review
Vilstrup 2007Not FDG PET/CT
Vitola 1996Non-integrated PET equipment
Vogel 2005Review
Vogel 2007Not a study of diagnostic test accuracy
Vogl 2006Review
Von Gumppenberg 1993Review
Von Mallek 2006Prostate cancer
Von Schulthess 2008Review
Vuong 2006Conference proceeding
Wahl 1971Review
Wahl 2004Review
Wald 2006Review
Watson 2007Review
Whiteford 2000Non-integrated PET equipment
Wiering 2004Non-integrated PET equipment
Wiering 2005Review
Wiering 2007Not FDG PET/CT
Wiering 2007Not FDG PET/CT
Wiering 2008Review
Wilke 2002Non-integrated PET equipment
Witte 2007Review article
Woel 2008Conference abstract
Wu 2007Cancer of unknown primary
Yang 2003Non-integrated PET equipment
Yang 2007Not FDG PET/CT
Yasuda 1996Non-integrated PET equipment
Yasuda 1998Non-integrated PET equipment
Yasuda 1998Not FDG PET/CT
Yasuda 2001Non-integrated PET equipment
Yoshino 2008Conference abstract
Zervos 2001Non-integrated PET equipment
Zhang 2009Review
Zhuang 2000Non-integrated PET equipment
Zimmermann 2005Review
Zimmermann 2007Review
Zutshi 2005Review
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