Figure 11.13. Attachment of stress fibers to the plasma membrane at focal adhesions.

Figure 11.13Attachment of stress fibers to the plasma membrane at focal adhesions

Focal adhesions are mediated by the binding of integrins to proteins of the extracellular matrix. Stress fibers (bundles of actin filaments crosslinked by α-actinin) are then bound to the cytoplasmic domain of integrins by complex associations involving a number of proteins. Two possible associations are illustrated: 1) talin binds to both integrin and vinculin, which in turn binds to actin, and 2) integrin binds to α-actinin. A number of other proteins (not shown) are also present at focal adhesions and may be involved in anchoring stress fibers to the plasma membrane.

From: Structure and Organization of Actin Filaments

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